Pet Alert Emergency

Information System   kit

Why   Pet   alert   is   the   #1   defence   to   keep   your   pet   safe during an emergency In   the   event   of   an   911   emergency,   our   pet   rescue   kit alerts   emergency   personnel   that   pets   are   inside   your home,   car,   RV   and   provides   all   your   pets   information quickly.   Also   includes   home   safety   check   and   how   to   be disaster   prepared   and   more.   A   great   way   to   keep   your pets safe 24/7.

Guide to Pet Safety

Do   you   know   that   most   pet   owners do    not    know    what    to    do    in    an emergency to help their pets? Protect    your    pet    by    knowing    how    to prevent      pet      injuries,      handle      pet medical    emergencies    and    how    to    be prepared    for    disasters    by    using    the "Guide   to   Pet   Safety   Saving   the   Entire Family      Disaster      Preparedness      and Emergency Reference". The   "Guide   to   Pet   Safety"   also   helps safeguard     pets     by     alerting     you     of problems    areas    in    and    around    your home or while travelling with your pet. The   author   also   designed   the   book   to make    sure    the    information    could    be accessed   quickly   and   easily   during   an emergency    for    quick    response    time with    a    highlighted    index    and    bright yellow    content    pages,    available    only here. The   "Guide   to   Pet   Safety"   is   all   about helping    you    and    your    pet,    when    it counts the most. Supported   by   Firefighters,   Veterinaries and    Animal    Shelters    for    pet    safety training, pet emergency instructions and   disaster   preparedness   involving   all pets;      dogs,      cats,      birds,      reptiles, livestock and more.  
Pet oxygen mask saves lives Pet Alert is proud to help in saving pet lives
Bryan   County   Emergencies   Services   and Richmond    Hill    Fire    Dept.    in    GA.    and Summit   Fire   Dept   in   AZ    which   received there   Pet   Alert   Pet   Oxygen   Mask   Kits   to save pet's lives from smoke inhalation. More     departments     to     come     in     the future   with   your   help,   when   you   buy   a “Guide to Pet Safety” reference guide.
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Basic PET ALERT Emergency Information

System Kit

With   the   Basic   Pet   Alert   E.I.S.   kit   you   can   protect   up   to   5 pets    for    their    entire    lifetime by   alerting   first   responders   to help    rescue    your    pet(s) and    provide    contacts    to care for them in case of; House fire Auto/RV accident Owners medical emergency Emergencies while travelling Provides proper information in the event of a disaster Assists you in providing your pet a forever home in case you are unable Also Includes a lost pet poster and much more    ** If you need more pieces of any items in the kit when       ordering, please call us at 912-459-1617.  

Free PetAlert backpack

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Deluxe PET ALERT Emergency Information

System Kit


Collapsible Water/Food Bowl

Human grade material, bright yellow to see at night, holds 3 oz. to 5 cups. With lanyard hook for easy carrying.
Don’t let your pet become a victim
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“This   book   provides   a   guideline   to   pet   owners   to   help prepare   and   keep   their   pets   safe   in   emergencies   and it   also   provides   us   with   guidelines   to   follow   that   are standardized     and     effective.     We     recommend     the Guide to Pet Safety for all those who love their pets." Firefighter     Patrick     Burns     and     Captain     John     of       Summit   Fire   Dept.,   Flagstaff,   AZ   show   their   support for the Guide to Pet Safety Saving the Entire Family
Below       Princess       explains       the benefits     of     the     “Guide     to     Pet Safety” and how it saves pets lives.    
Your    donations    are    welcomed to   provide   pet   oxygen   mask   kits to   fire   departments   that   cannot afford them. Thank    you    for    helping    saving pets lives.
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Why use Pet Alert Emergency Information System kit?

1.   Specially   designed   items   to   help   “you"   prepare   and safeguard    your    pets    and    animals    during    all    types    of emergency      situations.      Such      as      a      911      medical emergency,    house    fire,    auto    accident,    pet    parents death, hospitalization or before or after a disaster. 2.     Pet     Alert     E.I.S.     Kit     provides     in-depth     and     vital information   about   your   pets   description,   location   of   pet (which   is   very   important,   if   your   pet   is   caged),   your   pets health     history,     fear     factors     and     if     your     pet     is handicapped     (such     as     deaf,     blind,     and/or     needs medication).   This   information   is   needed   and   important for   emergency   personnel   and   others   to   help   locate   and rescue your pet. 3.   Pet   Alert   Emergency   Information   System   Kit   is   the only     approved     "Information     Tool"     developed     with firefighters   and   police.   The   Pet   Alert   E.I.S.   Kit   includes in-depth   information   to   assist   you   in   helping   your   pets in    troubling    times,    by    providing    correct    up-to-date information   24/7   so   their   future   is   NOT   left   up   to   the animal shelter, but to you. 4.   Pet   Alert   E.I.S.   Kit   is   the   only   system   that   provides detailed     information     regarding     all     your     animals, including   health   conditions   and   five   contacts   to   care   or house   your   pets,   if   you   are   not   able.   This   information can   save   your   pets   from   going   to   the   animal   shelter, being abandoned or even put to sleep.
Not just a silly window sticker
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“Helping to protect the pet you love, everywhere, every day”