I was looking for information, mostly for a fire situations. Thanks Deputy Fire Chief Don McCabe
Larry Garrett
Thursday, 4/12/18, 12:40 PM
Yes! We have “Pet Inside” (Sticker Alerts) on both our front entry door and our rear entry door! Our pets are our “babies with fur”!
Muncie, Indiana
Tuesday, 8/9/16, 8:22 PM
This is an outstanding resource no pet parent should be without! Thanks, Camy, for all you do!!!
New Mexico
Don McCabe
Monday, 1/4/16, 6:39 AM
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Amy S.
Thursday, 11/12/15, 9:27 PM
Thank you for providing this service. It is devastating for people to lose their pets in an emergency/disaster type of situation. As a police officer and first responder I appreciate your efforts in educating animal lovers on disaster preparedness.
Atlanta, GA
Saturday, 9/26/15, 4:12 PM
Love it need more info could you mail me more info?
Lakewood, Ca
Cindy Hulsey
Monday, 8/31/15, 12:24 PM
We all take a lot for granted when it comes to our pet safety. Pet Alert brings you face to face with what can happen. Pet Alert helps bring information and materials to the public that can help avoid bad situations by providing emergency personal with information such as; knowledge that pets are on the property, what kind and any other important information.
Richmond Hill
Barb Kirsch
Tuesday, 8/18/15, 6:52 PM
You did a good job on the Pet Alert system, and I appreciate your efforts. Thanks for helping me keep my dogs safe. Barb
Richmond Hill GA
June Hull
Monday, 7/27/15, 11:16 PM
I feel my cats are safer now that I use Pet Alert. Now if something happens to me, they would know who I wanted to take care my cats. If I had a house fire, the fire dept would now know what type of pets I have and could try to save them because they are my family too. This website taught me that my pets depend on me and what I should do for them in case I have an emergency.
Richmond Hill, GA
Pamela Howe
Monday, 7/27/15, 12:08 PM
PetAlert is absolutely amazing! I never realized how important it is to have all of this pertinent information at the fingertips of emergency personnel, just at the right time. They know exactly what pets they are looking for in your home at the time of an emergency, and PetAlert delivers the information necessary to make sure your pets lives are saved! Thank you Camy for your heartfelt dedication and your endless hours of work and research to bring PetAlert to us! You are a hero! I wholeheartedly endorse PetAlert and wear the logo proudly in support!!!
Richmond Hill, GA
Captain Jonathan McCrary
Tuesday, 7/21/15, 6:08 PM
This is a great program and my department is proud to support it.
Southside Fire/EMS
Peach Hubbard
Tuesday, 7/21/15, 12:00 AM
Looking forward to obtaining the Pet Alert Kit and giving them as gifts.
Richmond Hill, GA
Kyndall Curl
Friday, 7/17/15, 3:20 PM
I use the pet alert system and believe it is a great resource to have in any type of emergency situation.
Savannah, Ga
Else Duff
Friday, 7/10/15, 1:04 PM
The Pet Alert Kit is incredibly thorough and gives me great peace of mind when my pets are alone. I particularly appreciate knowing if something happens to me that my pet-sitter will be alerted to take care of my animals.
Los Angeles, CA
Anthony Caston
Friday, 7/10/15, 11:34 AM
The Pet Alert Kit is the most complete information system on the market that I have come across. It provides my dog (Blu) with everything he needs to survive any emergency. I love it! And I know everyone else who purchases the kit will love it too! Thank you Camy for creating this WONDERFUL system! Our family is now safer thanks to PET ALERT! Caston Family
Hannibal, Missouri
Friday, 7/10/15, 10:47 AM
I am so happy to have come across Pet Alert! I've gotten so much helpful advice from the site and using the kit has made me feel more secure that my dog will be safe in an emergency situation.
Don Howard
Wednesday, 7/8/15, 4:34 PM
I work as a fire chief at the Summit Fire District and work on several Incident Management Teams (IMT) that travel to manage large fires, floods, hurricanes, etc. One of the biggest concerns people always have in these incidents are questions about their animals. The Pet Alert system is a quality, well researched and thought out approach to preparing your animals and yourselves to care for you pets when an emergency strikes. This is the most comprehensive approach towards emergency planning for pets that I know of and will certainly help both your pets and you to be safe and prepared in case of an emergency.
Flagstaff, Arizona
Lisa Moatts
Wednesday, 7/8/15, 3:54 PM
I love the Pet Alert system. It is easy to use, informative and I know without a doubt in the event of an emergency, my 4 legged children will be handled with care. Charleston, SC is very pet and animal friendly. Any place you go downtown has dogs welcome and special seating for you and your pets. I'm glad to see you back!
Charleston, SC