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Why use the Pet Alert Emergency Information System?


 1. Question: Is your pet ever home alone?

  Who can your pet count on in an emergency 
  situation when they are home alone?

  2. Question: When traveling with your pet
   how will first responder know they are with you?

  Who would care for them if you were injured
  and unable?

  3. Question: What have you done to prepare
  protect your pet or animals?

  During an medical emergency concerning 
  yourself, or pet? Do you know what to do and
  take if you have a disaster evacuation?

  4. FACT: 83% of all pet owners unfortunately
  have  “no plan” in effect to protect their pets
  and  animals.

  Most pet owners also suffer from a false sense
  of  security  that first responders will know about their
  pets during an emergency or  depend on the neighbors
  to be home to help.    
PET ALERT Emergency Information System

1. Example: There is a fire at your home while you are away; your pet is home alone. Your pet is hiding and the smoke is getting thicker, no one knows they are in the house, will they survive?  

Answer: The Pet Alert  Emergency Information System kit is designed to alert firefighters plus give them much more facts about your pets and animals so they can rescue them.

2. Example: While traveling with your pet, you are in an auto accident and seriously injured or rushed to the hospital unconscious, do they know about your pet?  

Answer: The Pet Alert Emergency Information System kit has an auto and RV tag, plus Pet Owner's ID wallet cards to  carry with your ID to let first responders know about your pet and who to  contact for their care so they do NOT have to go to the animal shelter. 

3. Example: You have a medical emergency or a heart attack while home alone with your pet. When the paramedics arrive you are unable the respond and your pet won’t let anyone near you, now what?  

Answer: The Pet Alert Emergency Information System kit provides first responders knowledge about you pet that can help to calm them, so they can HELP you and  your pet and stay safe too.  

4. Question: How do you give your pets and animals the protection and security they need? 

Answer: The Pet Alert Emergency Information System kit keeps all pet facts readily available, follows firefighter protocol, and gives vital emergency  contacts, medical history and more about your pets to help others rescue them in case of an emergency or disaster happens. See the three different options and get yours today - below.
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