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We are so pleased to be involved with “Pet Alert”. It is a very sad day when we have to notify a family member that their pet didn't’ make it out. A simple notification that we are trained to look for may have saved the family member of this horror. Pets are definitely part of the family and we as a community must protect them. Please consider this valuable program. 
Wayne Noha, Chief of Fire Operations, Southside Fire/EMS and Security, Savannah, GA

"I couldn't believe it, when I came home and all I saw was my house on fire! Fire trucks and emergency personnel were everywhere. But I didn't see "Primo", our dog we had for 15 years. When I asked about our dog, none of the firefighters knew about him or that we even had a dog. We later found out he died in the fire from smoke inhalation. The firefighters apologized for our loss but they didn't know. I felt so cheated and sad, if only they knew about my "Primo" somebody might have saved him. I wished I had known about Pet Alert and I encourage anyone who owns a pet to invest the small amount to get their kit in the interest of their little friends' life." 
Sincerely, Jackie Lasey of Buena Park, CA.

“As a public safety officer, an owner of four Labrador Retrievers and a trainer of gun dogs, I can definitely see the benefit of this kit to anyone who owns a pet.”
Billy D. Reynolds Sr., Chief of Police at Richmond Hill Police Department, GA 

“The biggest benefit of the Pet Alert System is when the pet owners are not present or incapacitated and a pet is involved in an emergency situation. The notification concerning the pets and the information of who can assist is a tremendous benefit in securing the pet, getting the treatment that may be needed and putting them back in contact with their owner.”
Ralph Catlett, Fire Chief of Richmond Hill Fire Department, GA

“Pet Alert Emergency Information System” would be a huge benefit to helping first responders find, rescue and save pets. We recommend and encourage pet owners to use the Pet Alert System”.
Fire Chief Howell of Bryan County Emergency Services, GA  

“As a long term Fire Chief and member of Incident Management Teams that respond to emergencies around the country, one issue we always deal with is the protection of pets. The Pet Alert Emergency Information System kit is the most comprehensive pet safety program I have ever seen. If all pet owners were to use this kit first of all it would help to protect their pets, and secondly it would help us to help them in more ways the one. I strongly recommend the purchase of the Pet Alert Emergency Information System for pet owners, pets are family, so plan ahead for their safety." 
Don Howard, Fire Chief, Summit Fire and Medical Department, Flagstaff, AZ

“As an experienced veterinarian, my clinic and I have seen the aftermath of these emergencies; from fires and natural disasters, to owners passing away unexpectedly. I am pleased to see that the Pet Alert Emergency Information System includes a pet owner’s “Advance Pet Directive” which covers these situations better than any other system I have been associated with. This directive is a legal document that aids us in following and carrying out the wishes of the pet owner and help in protecting pets by providing predesignated adoption homes for them. Therefore, the pets’ future is not dependent upon their health, age, availability of adoptive home or animal shelter practices.” Kyle Christiansen, DVM, Cedar Animal Hospital, GA

In my Fire Service career I have witnessed the death of pets in house fires and also the pain this loss brings to family members. The Pet Alert Program certainly has the potential to deal with this concern.   Lon Cahill, Fire Chief, Garden Grove, CA

"My pets are now safer when they're HOME ALONE thanks to Pet Alert Emergency Information System" Anita Millhollin, pet owner of Riverside, CA

During 29 yrs. as a professional in the fire service, I have encountered many pets, many times under emergency conditions, and have witnessed their trauma. As with humans in emergency conditions, pets often get very excited and/or confused and require special care from emergency workers. Frequently emergency workers encounter pets under these conditions when their owners are not present. Often we are not aware pets are involved in the emergency until it is too late to prevent death or injury. On site notification about your pets and the information as to who can assist your pets (i.e. family, friends or veterinarian) would be of tremendous assistance. One such method, the "PET ALERT Emergency Information System" provides this needed information for emergency responders on a door knob hanger.   Edward Rowlett, Fire Chief

When firefighters respond to a structure fire or other emergency situations, one of the most important components related to rescue is correct and adequate information regarding occupants. The Pet Alert System provides the needed information which will assist us in saving the lives of pets, and make proper notification to pet owners who are absent at the time of the incident. Pet Alert makes a Firefighter's task much easier and safer, because with Pet Alert we know what to expect and what to look for. Help us to help your pet(s) by using the Pet Alert System. 
G. John Parker,  CA and IL Fire Chief, Retired

“We have reviewed the Pet Alert program. It is a great idea that helps us do our jobs more efficiently and safer. Pets can be a very important part of the family and it saddens us when they are overlooked. Your program conveniently bridges this gap. 
Orange County Firemen's Association and Pomona Valley Fire Association, CA

"Pet Alert can go far to prevent the suffering of dogs and cats owned as companions. 
I hope many of our readers will decide to promote the Pet Alert System in their communities. 
Geoffrey Handy, Editor, Shelter Sense Newsletter of the Humane Society of the United States

Emergencies can cause pets to become very excited, emergency services workers need to give special care to these animals. This program helps to educate the emergency workers and ultimately help the pets. Because owners are frequently away, onsite notification of pets and where to get assistance is a tremendous help to emergency personnel The “Pet Alert” notification system provides this help.    
Gene E. Murry, Fire Chief City of San Gabriel, CA

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