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Written by Cameron R. White-Thumwood   June 2012

Every pet parent knows how hard it is to:
  • give a cat or dog a pill
  • to take their temperature
  • put a cat in a carrier and close the door before they escape
  • hear the dreaded words “who let the cat out?”
  • chase your dog around the neighbor because he managed to get his collar off
  • find your dog his favorite toy before going to the park
  • get your dog in the car when they can no longer jump up for himself  try to find the dog leash, when you’re in a hurry because someone didn’t put it where it belongs

Now, add an emergency situation on top of the simple tasks like the ones above and you have panic, chaos and a cat or dog that is depending on you! And having a pet emergency can be a @$%@^#( nightmare at anytime of the day, if you don’t know what to do. Pet parents usually feel helpless and panicked and even call the wrong people to help. But pet parents of all ages have a great alternative to help educate them so they won’t have to feel like an idiot and possibly jeopardize their pet’s life. 

Knowledge is priceless in an emergency and The Guide to Pet Safety not only educates the pet owner about many situations and points out many pet dangers, it also gives many “what to do if” instructions, so you can handle the emergency and also prepare for a disaster and learn to be pet safe 24/7. The simple truth is, when you know more about how to handle things and know what might be lurking around your home and yard to harm your pet and how to handle the holidays with pets, you become a sensible and in charge pet owner, which everyone appreciates, even if they don’t remember to say “thank you”.

Take the Pet Safety Test and see if you know what to do when your pet counts on you. 

Be Pet Safe and Pet Alert!
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