Just answer all 12 questions below honestly and see what your pet safety score is.

1. Can you identify every day animal health hazards located in your home, garage, patio or yard
     that could be fatal to your pet?

  2. Who can your pet count on during a house fire? Or what you should do to help your pet?

  3. How would a firefighter know about your pet and what they look like? Or who could care for them?

  4. Do you know what to do during a pet medical emergency to assist your pet?

  5. How do you tell if your pet is sick?

  6. Do you know what your dog's or cat's normal temperature should be? Or how to take it?

  7. Do you know how to do a pet safety check for your home and surrounding areas?

  8. Do you know how do you prevent; auto, boating, seasonal and holiday pet hazards?

  9. Do you know what to do for all your pets before, during and after a disaster?

10. What should you have in a Pet disaster, Pet first-aid and Pet poison incident kit for animals?

11. Are you ready for a Disaster or Evacuation? If not, you need to take action now  please don't wait.

12. Do you know what do to when your pet is lost?

Now see your score below.

Don't worry most pet owners don't know the correct answers and they don't realize that they could be jeopardizing their pet's life, their best friend, due to the lack of this important and easy to learn pet safety knowledge.  The Guide to Pet Safety book was written just for this purpose, to help pet owners learn the answers to these questions so they can provide safety and security for their pets. 
Check your score below.

Rate your score:

Yes to all 12 questions - A Perfect Score!
An Excellent and Concerned and Responsible Pet Parent that you pets can count on. A Super Pet Parent!!  GREAT JOB!

Yes to 8 or more questions - A Good Score!
Caring and Concerned Pet Parent, but not a perfect yet. But please keep trying, your pet loves you.

Yes to 6 or more questions – Better than the Average Pet Owner! Hurray!
Above Average Pet Owner but still need to learn more about pet safety and how to handle an emergency.

Yes to 3 or more questions – The Average Pet Owner that depends on others.
Average Pet Owner that needs to learn more their pet’s needs, pet hazards and pet safety.

Yes to 1 or more questions – Help!  Opps!  Not so good for your pet.
A Pet Owner that should be worried about protecting their pets!  Or maybe they are just to busy and like to spend money at the Emergency Animal Hospital.

THANKS for taking the Pet Safety Test and checking your Pet Safety I.Q.
Protect your faithful pets from hazards & know how to help them in an emergency, when time is everything!
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Guard your pet's security and have the knowledge that could save their life and precious time in an emergency or disaster by reading the Guide to Pet Safety "Saving the Entire Family" Disaster Preparedness & Medical Emergency Reference.
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