Pet Alert's Mission is to safeguard first responders and animals during 911 emergency situations 
and is dedicated to pet safety and fire life safety education.

Every day, hundreds of pets are injured or killed during home emergencies or auto accidents because proper and current information regarding the pets were not available or the pet parent was unaware of proper pet safety precautions and disaster preparedness.Therefore Camy White-Thumwood founded Pet Alert in 1990 as a solution to the epic problem of pets falling victim in emergency situations nationwide founded Pet Alert.  

With the guidance of Fire and Police Dept's throughout the US and Canada Camy developed the Pet Alert Emergency Information System Kit for all pet parents have on hand proper information about their pets regardless where they were and  that met first responders requirements, not only to help assist to make rescue possible but to make sure the pets are not overlooked. This information also can expand the first responders safety by letting them know what type of pets they are dealing with.

With the Pet Alert safety items, the "Guide to Pet Safety" handbook and the "Pet Alert Emergency Information System" kit, pet parents can now give  detailed information and contacts to care for their pets to first responders and have the resources to help prevent injury or death to their pets in an emergency situation.

"Pet's lives depend on the preparations we make for them and their future depends on the information left behind to protect their future and keep them in a forever home, so why not use the tools I have made available to make that possible? Pet owners please be Pet Alert." states Camy Thumwood

Remember, No one is exempt from accidents, medical emergencies or disasters.Whatever the future holds for us, everyone needs to prepare for themselves and for their companion animals' survival and future. Pet Alert makes it easy to do with providing the right tools and education and being prepare is the best prevention.

PET ALERT keeps pets safe 24/7 with proper information and pet safety education!
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PET ALERT - Pet's lives count on it!
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PET ALERT honors and send our thanks 
and blessings to all emergency personnel for their help in rescuing pets and animals, every day, every where while doing their jobs.

Your kindness and actions means so much, 
You are our heroes and pet's true angels!
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