Pet Alert Emergency Info System
The basic PET ALERT Emergency Information System Kit is $25.00 plus S&H

The basic Pet Alert E.I.S. Kit includes all specialty designed items shown above and that are listed:

(1) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® Detailed Instruction Sheet 
(1) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® Inside Doorknob Hanger 
(1) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® Clear Plastic Photo Bag 
(1) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® Vital Information Card 
(1) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® Small Outside Notice Reflective Decal Notification for front door area
(1) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® Large Outside Notice Reflective Decal Notification for mail box or fence post for rural homes
(1) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® RV / Semi Truck Dashboard Placard Notification
(1) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® Automobile Rearview Mirror Hanger Tag Notification
(2) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® Owners' Wallet I.D. Cards and (2) Key Tag Notification 
(4) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® Notification Postcards your Fire, Police and Animal Shelter
(1) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® Lost Pet Poster - Master
(1) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® Pet Sitter Instruction Sheet
(1) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® Home Safety Check List
(1) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® Pet Directive Form to plan for their future if something should happen to you
(1) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® Pet Safety Tips 
(1) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® Pet Notification Tag to wear with their ID tag
(2) PET ALERT Emergency Information System® Evacuation Notice for first responders regarding your pets
(1) Blue Permanent Marker to fill out your information
Guide to Pet Safety "Saving the Entire Family" and Pet Alert E..I.S. Kit information to share 

Pet Safety Matters! Be Pet Safe with this pet safety kit for a lifetime of protection.

Please note: All kit items are designed to cover information for up to five pets. 

** If you would like more then 1 Pet Alert Pet Tag, Back Pack or Travel Bowl that is provided with the Deluxe Safety kit, please call us when ordering at 912-459-1617.

The Deluxe Pet Alert E.I.S.Kit shown below is a great value and includes all the items listed above, plus a heavy duty pet back pack with front zipper pocket for your pet's ID documents and medication. The heavy back pack can hold food, water, toys, a blanket and more for your pet's survival, so you are ready to go at a moments notice, or use a a daily travel pack for your pet. 

The Deluxe Pet Alert E.I.S. Kit was developed by the suggestion of Fire Chief Catlett of Richmond Hill to help pet parents make their own pet's survival pack and be prepared 24/7 for any type of evacuation or disaster.

The Deluxe PET ALERT Emergency Information System Kit is $45.00 plus S&H 

Being prepared can safe your pet's life!

The Deluxe Pet Alert E.I.S.Kit includes all the specially designed items above that are firefighter approved, plus 1-Pet Alert Survival Back Pack (big enough for 3-day of supplies for a large dog or several small pets), 1-Collapsible Water/Food bowl (Humane grade material, bright yellow to see at night, holds 3 oz. to 5 cups), and 1-very bright magna flash light. All three extra items were suggested by Emergency Management Agencies to help you to build your pet's survival pack to have "on hand",
or use it for your pet's camping and beach bag: 

Pet Alert Deluxe Kit below shows what is included in the kit, except for the photos of pets.

The Deluxe Pet Alert E.I.S.Kit above shows what is included in the kit. Note the Deluxe kit does not include the
"Guide to Pet Safety" handbook.

Note: The picture above shows both the front side and back side of Pet Alert E.I.S. Doorknob Hanger, Auto Mirror Tag,
RV/Semi Truck Dashboard Placard with pet's information on them (for examples only) each kit provides one each

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      The Super Deluxe Kit for $55.00 plus S&H includes the "Guide to Pet Safety" Handbook for only $10 
      by clicking the Buy Now button below

    Learn how to safeguard your pet with the "Guide to Pet Safety" at home, during winter, summer 
and through the holidays and feel good that you are doing everything to protect your pet's life and future.
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Every year over 500,000 thousands of pets die needlessly and are lost due to the lack of a reliable pet emergency information to help SAVE them during an 911 situation; such as house fires, auto accidents, medical emergency of owner.

In dangerous situations, pets can hide or panic, which can cost them their lives.

It is essential that all pet parents be aware of these facts because their pets’ lives count on 
a proper system of information they make available and Pet Alert E.I.S. Kit provides it.

Please read and learn how Pet Alert can help keep your pet's safe.

PET ALERT Emergency Information System is the #1 pet safety program because it is NOT a sign or sticker. It is a true all-in-one safety system to keep all your pet's information, at hand and in all the right places, ready for use by first responders in case of an emergency. Please read the 4  top reasons you should use Pet Alert E.I.S. Kit for your pet's safety.

1. Specially designed items to help “you" prepare and safeguard your pets and animals during all types of emergency situations. Such as a 911 medical emergency, house fire, auto accident, pet parents death, hospitalization or before or after a disaster.

2. Pet Alert E.I.S. Kit provides in-depth and vital information about your pets description, location of pet (which is very important, if your pet is caged), your pets health history, fear factors and if your pet is handicapped (such as deaf, blind, and/or needs medication). This information is needed and important for emergency personnel and others to help locate and rescue your pet.

3. Pet Alert Emergency Information System Kit is the only approved "Information Tool" developed with firefighters and police. The Pet Alert E.I.S. Kit includes in-depth information to assist you in helping your pets in troubling times, by providing correct up-to-date information 24/7 so their future is NOT left up to the animal shelter, but to you.

4. Pet Alert E.I.S. Kit is the only system that provides detailed information regarding all your animals, including health conditions and five contacts to care or house your pets, if you are not able. This information can save your pets from going to the animal shelter, being abandoned or even put to sleep.
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Protect you pet now before something happens with the
PET ALERT EMERGENCY INFORMATION SYSTEM the #1 kit for your pet's safety.
Approved & Supported by Fire & Police Dept's. 


Please allow 2 weeks for delivery, shipped by USPS.  
What type of Pet is this for?
How many pets do you have?
Did you know? 

Just like humans,

 pets usually have

 less than 20 minutes

depending upon the 

location of the 

house fire and how 

hot and fast it is 

burning for them
to survive.

Depending on the

density and heat 

of the smoke,

 it may only take

2 to 10 minutes 

for your pet

to pass out

 or die.
The Pet Alert Emergency Information System Kit was delevolped to meet Fire and Police Dept's requirements when dealing with pets during 911 calls.
Now you can protect your pet's life 24/7 and be pet safe everywhere 
with Pet Alert's E.I.S. Kit.

Feel safe about your pets 
when they are home alone.
Pet Alert Survival Back Pack

Front view above shows pocket for documents, license and medication with area for pet's name and contact info on front, with the included Collapsible Water/Food Bowl

Inside view below shows the back pack is large enough to hold 3 days of food, water, blanket, toys, extra leash, potty bags and more for a large dog or many smaller pets.

Please note:Accessories not included.
Home Alone
House Fire
Medical Emergencies
Bowl shown here in up & down position
Invest in their safety today.
to help emergency responders 
with information that could safe your pet's precious life.
Fires are fatal in minutes
For the Home- No information for strangers
 on the outside of 
the home.
Auto Mirror Tag
RV/Semi Truck Dashboard Placard
Owners' Wallet Card / Pet Notice, Key Tag Notice 2 Outside Reflective Notice all to Alert First Responders you use the Pet Alert EIS
4 - Important Documents to have to protect you pets future.

Important safety and disaster tips and more.
"Protecting pets like family and helping you give your pets a 
life-line-to-safety, because they survival counts on it."


What type of pet is this for?
Each Pet Alert E.I.S. Kit covers up to 5 pets 24/7 for a lifetime.