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Author’s Special Signature Edition increases Pet Alert's ability to donate life saving Pet Oxygen Mask Kits to 
Fire Departments that do not have them.

This special edition is just $25.00 plus expedited shipping includes a $5 donation towards helping more Fire Departments that are not NOT equipped with Pet Oxygen Mask kits on-board to carry them. Each Pet Oxygen Mask Kit with live saving instructions on many topics cost $100.00 each. 

Thanks to all who donate buy purchasing the Author’s Special Signature Edition of the "Guide to Pet Safety" so that we may provide pet oxygen masks to fire dept's throughout the US that need them.

Note: Fire Departments that do not have pet oxygen mask kits on board their trucks.
Please email your request for a donation of the Pet Oxygen Mask Kits to 
 Guide to Pet Safety
can save time and lives
when it counts the most!
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Do you know that most pet owners do not know what to do in an emergency to help their pets?

The "Guide to Pet Safety" is a true necessity for all pet lovers because prevention is the best protection.
Protect your pet by knowing how to prevent pet injuries, handle pet medical emergencies and how to be prepared for disasters by using the "Guide to Pet Safety Saving the Entire Family Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Reference".

The author and founder of Pet Alert, Cameron "Camy" Thumwood wrote the "Guide to Pet Safety" at the request of emergency responders to help in educating all animal lovers of the many types of emergencies that involve pets and how to be prepared for them, including natural and manmade disasters.  

The "Guide to Pet Safety" also helps safeguard pets by alerting you of problems areas in and around your home or while traveling with your pet. The Guide can help you protect your beloved pet and provide for their well-being, prevent them from becoming a victim or be abandoned due to unforeseen circumstances. 

The author also designed the book to make sure the information could be accessed quickly and easily during an emergency for quick response time with a highlighted index and bright yellow content pages, available only at  

The "Guide to Pet Safety" is all about helping you and your pet, when it counts the most. 

Supported by Firefighters,Veterinaries and Animal Shelters for pet safety training, pet emergency instructions 
and disaster preparedness involving all pets; dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, livestock and more. 

Bryan County Emergencies Services and Richmond Hill Fire Dept. in GA. and Summit Fire Dept in AZ  which received there Pet Alert Pet Oxygen Mask Kits to save pet's lives from smoke inhalation.

More to come in the future with 
your help, when you buy the 
"Guide to Pet Safety"
the must have pet disaster and emergency reference handbook.

Be Pet Alert and save lives!
A pet lovers gift that keeps on giving while protecting pet's lives.
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    Did you know?
   Just like humans, pets usually have less than 20 minutes depending upon the location of the house fire and 
    how hot and fast it is burning to survive.   Know what to do during a house fire with pets.
    Use the tools that Pet Alert provides to protect your loving pets 24/7.
Pet 02 Mask Saves Lives.