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“I was so impressed with your company’s fast service and reasonable pricing that I will be recommending your services to friends. Thanks Guys!" -- John Doe, San Francisco, CA 

Pet Alert HomeWhy use the Pet Alert Pet Alert Safety SystemTestimonailsGuide to Pet Safety 
Guide to Pet Safety ReviewsStars for Pet Safety About Pet AlertAbout Our FounderNewsletter
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“This is by far the most thorough compilation of information I’ve seen on pet safety. Kudos to those at PET ALERT for a tremendous amount of work to help pet owners have proper information ready and where we can use it.”                         Fire Chief Don Howard 
Summit Fire Department
Flagstaff, AZ
Help Save a Pet's Life
with knowledge
Congratulations Cameron on this excellent work in creating a very user friendly emergency reference pet manual.
This is the most comprehensive book I have read on emergency care for the “pet owner” and certainly covers many types of animals concerning most pet emergency situations and disaster evacuation procedures.
Kyle Christiansen, DVM
Cedar Animal Hospital,  Richmond Hill, GA
Fire Chief Don Howard 
and his dog “Shanti”
Testimonials for the Guide to Pet Safety

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"This is an excellent book! Highly recommend to all pet parents - you can never be too prepared."
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In the case of an emergency, fire, or disaster, are you prepared for your pets safety? This book covers many important issues in 48 pages of text, photos, and illustrations. The book has 17 chapters covering everything from pet evacuation, vehicle safety tips, first aid, recognizing and properly dealing with poisoning, recognizing symptoms of shock and distress, and much more.

The book is in an easy to follow format and clearly written. From beginning to end I found it chock full of very important information that can save pets lives and offer relief for very stressful situations. The book may not be all flashy and glitzy but it is superbly written.
I highly recommend this book to every pet owner.
Robert Hudson

Every pet owner should have a copy of this book, AND follow all the suggestions in it.
The problem with an accidents is that it is unpredictable. The problem with an emergency is that it requires rapid response. If you have absorbed this book, accidents and emergencies involving your pet will be less traumatic, and you will be more likely to respond appropriately.
Katherine Kane of City Pet Books and Author

"Camy Thumwood's ""Guide to Pet Safety"' answers all those scary "what if' questions that can paralyze pet owners facing a natural or man-made disaster with a super-useful series of check lists, tips and safety reminders in an easy  to use format. Instead of fearing for the safety of your pets, Camy empowers you with ways to take action. Every pet owner needs a copy.''
Gail Krueger
Pet issues columnist for the Savannah Morning News

We keep this guide in our lobby to recommend to our adopters. Every animal owner should have this guide. If you know someone with a pet, consider giving this as a gift or stocking stuffer around the holidays. 
Kerry Anderson
Safe Harbor Humane Society, Kenosha WI

This is a must have reference for any owner of any pet whether it is a dog, cat, bird or reptile.
Every household with pets should have a copy of the "Guide To Pet Safety".
                           Keith Sanderson
                      Chicago Animal Advocacy Examiner 

In my 25 years of training dogs professionally, 21 of which were for law enforcement, this is by far the most comprehensive and easy to understand guides I've seen on the topic. The information provided is practical, and addresses almost any type of threat to a pet's safety. I especially appreciate the fact that it is written in layman terms, so that anyone can understand and apply the many remedies introduced. Great job Camy.
Robert "Bob" Olson
Area Pet Training Instructor
Savannah, GA

"PAWsome book! Should be in the hands of all pet parents."

Hi Camy, I got the book and its great! 
I can see how much hard work, love, and passion went into it. I want to promote it on the Clear Conscience Pet facebook page where pet parents can learn about the book and possibly order it? 
Anthony Bennie
Clear Conscience Pet, LLC
Wilton, CT    

This is a great book that really will make a difference in avoiding a tragedy. Pets are so much a part of our family, and it makes sense to treat them as such when planning for an emergency. Safety never takes a holiday...thanks!
Shawn Weed 

This book is very thorough and informative concerning your pet’s safety and well being.  
There is much useful information for the first time pet owners and the conscientious pet owners.  It’s quite clear that the author has a genuine concern about your pet’s safety during emergencies and disasters. She’s devoted a lot of time in researching pet safety, including many interviews with rescue professionals. I have also found information about basic health care facts interesting and useful.  So when the unthinkable things happen to our pets, it nice to have an emergency reference handbook handy to help us quickly make the right decisions which may save the lives of our pets.  After purchasing this book, you may wish to buy another one for your friends who love and care for their pets as much as you do.  It’s a great reference book which would make a great gift too!
Thank you for sharing this valuable information.                                  
Arden Kremenak
Phoenix, Arizona

Your information is very concise and to the point, plus the directions are very easy to follow and understand. For owning animals for a very long time, we were pleasantly amazed how much information listed in this book becomes a "new" knowledge. This book is also very helpful for non-pet owners to inform and prepare individuals with every surprises. Thank you.
Cengiz & Elizabeth Arici
Gross Point Woods, MI

I think it is a wonderful book and is very informative. I wish I had it several weeks ago when my little dog buddy was very sick. I did not know what to do with him until I could get him to the vet and the office had to tell me on the phone what to do, luckily I got a hold of someone quickly. But you book would have told me what and how to do it. I think you covered about every animal possible. You sure know a lot about pet safety and care. Anyone who buys your book should be very pleased with it. I will put mine with our emergency supplies. Thanks for caring enough about our pets to write it.
Anna Spence
Richmond Hill, GA

Congratulations on such a great and useful book. 
I was very excited about it and I forwarded this information to a bunch of my pet owner friends.
Diana Hagemann-Milenkovitch
Sedona, AZ

I have known and worked with Cameron for many years when she was the coordinator for the Chrysler AZ proving grounds. Camy has always had a strong love of animals and their welfare. I proudly endorse Camy's efforts to help pet owners be more prepared and hope pet owners take advantage of this great book." 
John Van Deren, Michigan 

This really is an important topic that people don't give enough thought to until its too late. Cameron really has done an admirable job in making planning for avoiding tragedy simple and effective. Take action now and save your pet before the unexpected happens...Thanks  Jodi

Wow: I just checked your website and I learned so much about what we need to keep out pets safe. You are so right "a sticker isn't enough". Keep up the great work. And when you are in the market for pet supplies check us out. Can’t wait to get your book. 

All pet owners should have a copy of your book.  It is a complete, accurate book of important information.  You did a professional job...complete and accurate. 
Jean Purcell 
Richmond Hill GA

This is amazing book. You did a great job...this book is packed with information. 
Sandy Glendye

Author Camy Thumwood and some of her pet smart friends.
Bob & Scout
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