Protecting pets like family
Medical emergencies, auto accidents, disasters and house fires - do happen, at any time, and when least expected.

Protect your pet by using this approved and important Pet Alert Emergency Information System kit wherever your pets are and be prepared.

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Guide to pet safety
Please remember, whatever the future holds for us, you need to prepare for yourself and for your companion animals.

You are your pet's guardian; for food, shelter and their future, so please protect them with the Pet Alert kit.

Your pet's life depends on you and the preparations that you have made to protect their safety and

their future in case of an accident, medical emergency or if a disaster should strike you! 
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Both items make a Great Gift for any Pet Lover - The gift that keeps on giving 24/7

Thanks for being a concerned pet parent and for Pet Alert!
“This book provides a guideline to pet owners to help prepare and keep their pets safe in emergencies and it also provides us with guidelines to follow that are standardized and effective. We recommend the Guide to Pet Safety for all those who love their pets."
Firefighter Patrick Burns and Captain John of Flagstaff, AZ show their support for the Guide to Pet Safety.
                       Approved By Firefighters, Police, Animal Shelters and Veterinarians throughout the US and beyond
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Fire Chief Howell, Police Chief Reynolds, Camy Thumwood of Pet Alert and Fire Chief Catlett of Richmond Hill, GA  all share their support and encourage pet parents everywhere to use the Pet Alert Emergency Information System  (kit) to protect their companion animals 24/7.
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Feel good about helping Pet Alert donate Oxygen Pet Mask kits to Fire Dept's. when you buy the
"Guide to Pets Safety".

Available also with the Deluxe Pet Alert Emergency Information System (kit) for half price.
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The "Guide to Pet Safety" book is a true necessity for all pet lovers -

Because prevention is the best protection that pet parents can provide.
Pet Alert Emergency Information System was designed to alert First Responders to HELP SAVE YOUR PET'S LIFE, everywhere they may be and even when
you are not there.

Pet Alert Emergency Information System gives pet owners a peace of mind that their animals will be taken care during 911 emergencies.

Pets rely on their pet parents for everything, so give your pet a chance at life and to survive during an emergency with the Pet Alert E.I.S. today!
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Your pet counts on you for everything, just like children do.

Protect your pets with just $25 by using
the #1 Pet Emergency Info System Kit today.

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*Deluxe kit  helps pet parents prepare for an emergency/disaster.
**Deluxe kit with the Guide to Pet Safety Handbook teaches pet parents
how to keep you pets' surrounding safe 24/7/365.
SAVE $10 kit now only $25 - Pet Alert EIS Kit covers up 5 pets at home, in your car /RV and gives info in your wallet, plus more.
With the Guide to pet Safety you can now keep your pet safe all year long for only $19.95
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Pet Guardian Angels of America
"Helping people find pets and pets find people"

GA residents please note:
If you live in the Savannah area you can pick up your Pet Alert Emergency Information System kit at;
PawParazzi Pet Boutique or Cedar Animal Hospital in Richmond Hill and save on the shipping cost.

Thank you for being Pet Alert!
Camy Thumwood and her company Pet Alert is dedicated to pet safety and fire life safety education that focuses on safeguarding first responders, pets and animals during all types of 911 emergency situations, by giving pet parents the proper way to have correct information at hand for emergency personnel so pets won't be overlooked, left behind or sent to the animal shelter.
Pet Alert also teaches pet parents about how to keep their home pet safe and to be disaster prepared for all their companion animals and livestock.
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Pet Alert Emergency Information System
PET ALERT "Protecting pets in 911 emergencies just like family"

Pet Alert is proud to present the "new benchmark" in pet safety that's not just a sticker,
but a life-line to safety for all your companion animals.

NATIONAL PET SAFETY DAY is JULY 15th & we are celebrating by giving you $10 off to be prepared!
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Invest in their safety

Help emergency responders safe your pet's precious life and protect their future in a 911 emergency, by providing the right info quickly and easily by using the
Pet Alert EIS kit.
Be Pet Alert it Matters!